Words with (I Wish We Were More Than) Friends,

Justin Race

Reading The New York Times' "Modern Love" essays is a Sunday ritual.

Nothing beats curling up on the couch, computer on my lap and coffee in my hand (sometimes as my saving grace after a glass of wine or three from the night before), and reading about other human's trials and tribulations in love.

I mean, this section really delves into the depths of relationships. Every Sunday I look forward to "meeting" someone new and instantly feeling like we just had a heart to heart because of how exposed they are, giving you a snapshot of something that shaped the person they are now.

"Words with (I Wish We Were More Than) Friends" was the first essay I read when I discovered the section. I was so drawn to how real the writing was. It was as if the author was putting the exact thoughts that swirled in his head onto the page. But there was something oddly poetic about his ordinary account of online dating. 

This story peels back the thick layer on top of online dating to reveal how little we know of a person we feel emotionally connected to. 


This story, and the other stories featured in "Modern Love", give you pause on love's intricacies. 

Recommended for those who:

  • Like The New York Times' writing voice (though these are reader submitted, they still exude the The Times' caliber of writing)

  • Enjoy flash fiction. Though these are real accounts, you only get a snapshot of someone's life, problems, and semi-resolved solutions.

  • Will read about both love and loss.

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