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Updated: Jan 6, 2019

When I first moved here, I was researching things to do in the city and stumbled upon SoFar Sounds. Ever heard of it? If not, the concept goes like this.

You visit the website to find a date and time of a secret, intimate concert you want to attend.

The venues vary and the shows are hosted in neighborhoods all over the city. You can pick shows at residential or non residential spots.

You submit your name for ticket selection.

The guest list is curated and only a set number of people are selected per show.

You'll get an email letting you know if you were picked.

If you are, that's when you buy the tickets for the show.

The day before the show, you'll receive another email.

It tells you the exact location and "know before you go" details.

The lineup consists of three sets.

You don't know the artists until you get there.

I was picked for a residential show in Logan Square, which was essentially hosted in a souped up garage with ornate rugs, gorgeous couches, a fireplace, and strung lights on exposed brick.

The space contained 80 people max and the floor had red and gold area rugs spread throughout the garage to people to sit. Light music played and hushed conversation buzzed until the host took the mic to introduce himself and the first band.

First up? Thames out of St. Louis. The four piece acoustic band welcomed the crowd with melodic tunes perfect for the crisp September night.

The 20-minute break following the set is perfect to chat with your neighbor or take a little tour of the space (which had some rad motorcycles and some of the sleekest cars I've ever seen!)

The show resumed with Almond & Olive, the folk/Americana duo whose chemistry brought life to their music. The banjos, kick drums, and Natalie Alms' killer vocals melded perfectly together.

Last, but not least, the show closed out with Typical DiV, a rapper/spoken word from Atlanta by way of L.A. Accompanied solely by a keyboardist, Typical DiV's offbeat style of storytelling made it feel like he was talking right to you, and you wanted to keep listening.

Though the sets and scenery change each show, SoFar puts such a unique spin on exploring the local music scene. From the intimate setting it cultivates to the curated sets, these shows are perfect for Chicago music lovers.

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