Happy Sunday.

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Around Town

Looking for something to do this week? I have my eye on the wndr museum.

I have yet to make it over to theMART since living here, but friends and I want to check out Art on the Mart, the public art installation illuminating the building's facade facing the river. Feast your eyes on dazzling digital art through the end of December!

This is such a neat way to tell Chicagoans' unique stories. From dating perils to poems that tug on your heart strings, these twelve tales capture life in the city as told by stellar Chicago writers. Make your way through the city on this interactive map, one story (and neighborhood) at a time.

I'm incredibly jazzed that my favorite season is here! Chicago summers are fabulous of course, but this city sure looks gorgeous soaked in red and gold.

CTA Reading

Speaking of autumn, it’s sweater season🍂, and I’m looking for a reason to justify this ModCloth buy. Is “it’s been a long week” good enough?

Domenic and I were tossing around the idea of ringing in the New Year in Montreal, then T Magazine published this list of Montreal's best sights. Sold!

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