Happy Sunday.

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Around Town

I hit downtown yesterday, camera in hand, to capture some sights of the city. Any other locals feel like a tourist when taking photos of the city, especially near The Loop? Once I got over the fear of looking like a newbie, it was a blast seeing the city through a new lense.

Finding this listicle a little late in the game, so Chicago Mag's 56 Things to Do in Chicago in November might be more like 23 at this point. (Better late than never, right?)

One that didn't make the list? Chicago's Christkindlmarket. This Christmasy open-air market is in Daley Plaza now until December 24.

CTA Reading

This week's Thanksgiving, and I found a fun twist on sweet potatoes. This side looks like heaven in a baking dish.

Anyone else lose their fitness momentum once the chilly temps roll in? This NYTimes piece gives tips on how to keep it going through by incorporating an unlikely solvent – meditation.

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