Happy Sunday.

On Monday I was in Paris and Tuesday, LA. On Wednesday, I was sitting at a coffee shop in New Mexico and on Thursday, I was in Brooklyn, circa 1997. Come Friday, I was in a dance hall, but of course I was in none of these places, actually.

This week, I leaned heavily on my favorite music to power my days. Usually when I'm on the bus, I'll listen to a podcast or catch up on news, but I was listening to the likes of Zaz, St. Vincent and The Shins. When I was at home, I was cooking, cleaning, dancing and singing out loud to Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, and David Bowie.

There's something about creating playlists to be something of a soundtrack to everyday life, walking around Chicago, and seeing the city via the sounds in your head. When I walk down the street and see someone wearing AirPods or Beats, a small smile on their face, I'm always curious what's pumping through their headphones. What are they listening to on the way from A to B? What's the music keeping them moving forward?

Feel free to share your favorite transit listens, as I'm always looking to add to my city-centric playlist.

Well, now that I'm back in town and my feet are on the ground, here's what the week ahead looks like!

Around Town

Chicagoans know what they're signing up for when they stay for (yet another) winter. Good on Chicago, though, for making it enjoyable! Check out the art installation "The Beach Chicago" by design group Snarkitecture, where visitors can jump in a "pool" of over 1 million plastic balls that emulated water. Inflatable pool toys included.

ICYMI last Sunday: 51 Things to Do in Chicago in January.

I think we can agree Chicago has some stunning architecture. This week, I'm heading over to Chicago Architecture Center to get up close to the history of Chicago's buildings and to look ahead at our changing skyline.

CTA Reading

Speaking of architecture, check out this photo from 1933, during the construction of the World's Fair, from Chicago Tribune's vintage photo collection.

If you're unfamiliar with this and interested in Chicago history, I highly recommend reading up on the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition and the Century of Progress International Exposition in 1933.

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