Happy Sunday.

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Around Town

Have you ever walked down Milkwaukee in Logan Square and peeked into The Radler to see people standing around a tree stump, swinging a hammer? Better yet, did you ever swing the hammer at the German beer hall? I have some unfortunate news for lovers of this game that to me seemed like a bad combo of beer and hardware. The Radler's closing it's doors next week.

Last Friday, Flowers for Dreams came to 150 N. Michigan Ave. for a bouquet building workshop. If you haven’t heard, this local company combines profit with purpose. 25% of profit from these affordable, sustainable (and incredibly lovely!) bouquets goes to Chicago charity.

Domenic and I, (which I cannot believe), are coming up on one year of living in Chicago. It seems like yesterday and a life time ago. What have you done in the last year? Where did you go? Where are you now?

Soon, we'll start the search for another space to call home. What's your favorite Chicago neighborhood to live? This quiz said I should live in Logan Square, but we're keeping all of our options open.

ICYMI: Check out last week's Q&A with Hero Coffee Bar's Michelle Martinez!

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