Welcome to TNL!

Hi friends!

The New Local was a project I always wanted to start once I moved to the city, but when I first thought to get it going, it wasn't ready – I didn't know what I wanted/needed it to be.

Over the last few months of living here, finding my way in life and love, I found the niche I wanted to craft, which is all things Chicago with a flair of personal interest and incite for readers.

The New Local aims to give you first-hand insight into living, playing, and working in the city from a girl whose navigating, eating (and occasionally drinking) and yes, working her way through Chicago.

Once here, you'll learn what it's like to rent here, some of the city's unique history that make it so great, all about the restaurants, cocktail bars, and bookshops I find.

I'm so excited to finally share this with you, and hope you find the information useful, yet mildly entertaining.

If you have suggestions of where I should throw on my ankle boots and head to next, let's chat!

With love,

Colleen, The New Local

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