Need to Fill a Saturday Afternoon in Chicago? | Green Mill

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

On Saturdays at 3 p.m., Green Mill hosts “The Paper Machete", a weekly, live magazine that uses cabaret, comedy, and journalism to recount the previous week's current events. Think, NPR's "Up First" and SNL loosely tied together.

On a Saturday in September, I walked into the dimly lit bar, waited for my eyes to adjust, and found a half booth along the right wall, and slid in, leaving some space for others to join (apparently, Capone's booth – it was the only spot where you could clearly see both entrances).

Neither Domenic nor I had been to the show, so once we got our ~cash only~ drinks, we waited for what would happen next. At three, a spotlight hit the vignette behind the bar, where the host for the afternoon grabbed our attention with a jazzy number to welcome the crowd.

For the rest of the afternoon, comedians and comediennes, journalists, and musicians graced the stage, recounting the week in news and pop culture. The humor, wit, sarcasm, and beats brought everyone together for an experiential magazine, a nice weekend alternative to browsing Apple News.

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