Little Fires Everywhere, Celeste Ng

I picked this one up a couple times while perusing Barnes & Noble, set it down, picked it up, and ultimately decided on another read. 

It took a friend inviting me to her book club to make the purchase, and in retrospect, I'm so glad I read this!

The story opens up in a cookie-cutter town outside of Cleveland. (Ever seen Weeds? Think the opening song, "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds). The first thing you visualize is a mom, standing in front of her home in her bath robe, and the house is on fire. 

From there, you meet a nuclear family, a single mom and her daughter, an immigrant, and an infertile couple looking to adopt a Chinese baby.

To say this book had twists and tugged heart strings is an understatement. The third person narration gives you clear insight into the thoughts and actions of each character, who all inevitably cross paths, starting those little fires, everywhere.

On top of the interwoven story line and compelling backstory of each character, is the overarching theme of Motherhood. This story begs the question, "what makes a mother?" and shows the incredibly power of women.


Recommended for those who:

  • Like twists in plot

  • Prefer third person narration

  • Enjoy stories about family and coming of age

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